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About Amaliah

Amaliah creates award-winning inclusive ideas, content, editorial and experiences for Muslim women. The Amaliah audience represents one of the ways the face of who holds influence is rapidly changing with Muslims making up 6.5% of the population in England and Wales.

Amaliah is dedicated to creating inclusive moments that include Muslims. We have built a trusted brand over the last five years with our brands, Amaliah and Halal Gems reaching 7.2 million organically each month, making us the platform to engage meaningfully with generation M.

Amaliah.com Our audience knows us for nuanced and thoughtful articles, videos, our award-winning podcasts, our social channels, events and a community of over 300 contributors, that helps Muslim women live the best version of themselves.

Halalgems.com Acquired by Amaliah Feb '19, we are the leading halal food discovery platform in the UK recommending places to eat and things to do. Halal Gems also run London's biggest street food festival seeing 90,000 attendees over 3 days at Old Spitalfields Market.

Insights Our agency that helps brands and organisations to understand and communicate with our engaged audience and the wider Muslim digital world.

Our campaign ideas seek to bring value to our audience whether that be a feeling of joy, getting a conversation starting, influencing cultural change  or creating a space for Muslim women to live their best lives.

Muslim Audiences

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  • The proportion of people who identify as Muslim has risen by 1.2 million in 10 years, bringing the Muslim population to 3.9 million in 2021
  • Muslims now make up 6.5% of the population in England and Wales, up from 4.9% in 2011.
  • An increase of 33% since 2011
  • The age profile of Muslims in Britain is highly skewed towards the younger age bands.
  • 33% are under 15 years old (compared to 19% in the overall population)
  • Almost 50% are under 24 years old (30% overall population). 

Our Clients

We work with a range of organisations and businesses, using our insights to inform product and campaign development. We produce campaigns, content and events to help brands reach our audience effectively whilst being backed by an authentic voice. From working with Universal on the 2020 James Bond communication campaign, to creating events and editorial for Waterstones and Lush that engage our audience.

Our Press

Amaliah has been at the forefront of creating cultural change in the marketing and advertising industry with our CEO regularly appearing on industry panels such as the AdAge, Campaign conference and in the UN Women Unstereotype series.

Amaliah has been recognised across national and international media outlets including Stylist, Forbes 30 under 30, Guardian, Telegraph and Evening Standard.


Forbes 30 Under 30

Allbright Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Audio APA Podcast Winners

Ad Age Women To Watch 

Evening Standard Progress 1000 Most Influential

IB100 FT x Inclusive Boards

Kindness In Leadership

Amaliah Audience

  • 18-40 years old
  • 70% Female skew
  • 70% Primary audience UK (geo targeting available)
  • 30% Secondary audience USA
  • 80% Women of Colour + from minoritised backgrounds
  • Over 170,000 social media followers
  • 4% Engagement rate across channels
  • Monthly reach of 7.2 million
  • 2 million monthly impressions on .com


  • 80% of our audience are more likely to buy from a brand that represents them in their advertising
  • 82% of our audience are more likely to engage with a brand if they have seen them on the Amaliah platform
  • ⅔ of our audience are currently working on a side hustle or a hobby
  • 70% of our audience engage with Amaliah as their top 3 media platforms
  • 73% of our audience would rather NOT see representation if it has not been in co consultation with the audience it seeks to represent

*poll of 527 audience members

Amaliah Consultancy

Amaliah helps brands and agencies engage with the new faces of influence.

We have worked with leading brands like Universal, M&S, Malteasers, eBay, Ralph Lauren and Vayner Media to deliver talks, workshops, insight project and consultancy.


Amaliah consulted on the repitch with FCB for THIS GIRL CAN. The next part of the work needed to ensure they were able to target demographics that are not as active, for example women from low income and BAME communities. Amaliah consulted FCB on the campaign strategy and messaging to demonstrate how the momentum of the TGC campaign can be built upon, leading to FCB winning the repitch.

Christmas Consultancy


A B2C beverage global beverage company wanted to understand how to reach our audiences beyond tokenistic casting in ads and representation at face value during one of their biggest calendar moments; Christmas.

We ran surveys, polls and focus groups with 1000 participants from Amaliah to understand attitudes towards advertising, media, representation and Christmas. From these headline stats and insights we developed creative and strategic frameworks for the brand.


The James Bond franchise was set to return to screen in 2020. Universal wanted to understand how they could engage with Amaliah's, gal-dem's and Guap's audience as not doing so was leaving 50 million off the box office numbers.

We worked with the Universal team to:

• Develop a cohesive comms strategy

• Critique and develop social assets and ideas for launch

• Develop creative online and offline activations

• Recommend talent that could authentically engage with our audiences.


Amaliah Channels

Amaliah’s socials are the heart of the Amaliah community. Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest we have an engaged audience of over 140,000 followers who make up our digital sisterhood. Our newsletter curates the best of Amaliah each week for our 7200 readers.

Amaliah Partnerships

Amaliah Editorial - The big sis

Our editorial content seeks to inform, inspire and uplift our audience. Our audience looks to us for answers to the big and small questions in life. From book recommendations and places to go, to personal essays that help our audience feel seen and guides to better understand Islam, finance and relationships, our content helps our audience navigate the various stages of their lives.

We are able to facilitate premium banner ads across Amaliah, serving

over 2 million impressions each month.

Amaliah Display

Display options are available site wide including in content and on the homepage.

Amaliah Events

Our events series are about creating enriching spaces of discussion and a way to bring our audience together to create dialogue, inspiration and a sense of sisterhood.

We work with brands to create value for our audiences which allow you to engage whilst being backed by our authority.

Amaliah Book Club

Our monthly Book Club hosted by Yassmin Abdel-Magied, held in London. We have ambitions to take the Book Club on tour across the UK.

An evening of laughter, conversation and sisterhood.

Events sell out in 24 hours.

Open for sponsorship.

Amaliah Upskills

Over the last 5 years, Amaliah has been committed to amplifying the voices of Muslim women and upskilling our community to take steps in industries we are underepresented in.

Amaliah x 23 Code Street

A scholarship fund for 2 Muslim women to go through the 23CS coding school which resulted in both Muslim women gaining employment in tech.

Amaliah x Waterstones

An in store event which equipped attendees with a starter guide on how to get published, discussing everything from royalties, agents, self publishing and manuscripts.

Amaliah Media Training Programme

A three week free media training programme for 12 Muslim women which equipped our cohort with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to engage with the media. Applicants were from a range of topic areas including, maternal health, climate change, inclusion in sports, accessibility for deaf communities as well as Islamic fintech.

Amaliah x Enrol Yourself

A bursary for WoC to take part in a learning accelerator which has seen 3 Muslim women go through it to help acheive their freelancing and career aims.

Amaliah Journalism 101

A webinar series aimed at entry level journalists. An opportunity to be in conversation with leading Muslim journalists. Seeing over 400 signups from around the world.


Across Amaliah and Halal Gems, food is a key interest for our audiences. Amaliah acquired Halal Gems in 2019. The Halal Gems audience is used to indulging in great food both through our recommendations and at our flagship food festival Street Eats.

Held at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market, curated with events from immersive storytelling and drumming to poetry night and talks on food and heritage.

In the third year, Street Eats saw over 90,000 attendees enjoy food from 30 of the best food and beverage street vendors as well as a range of entertainment.

Over the years, Halal Gems has worked with charities like Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen and Islamic Relief to encourage our audience to consider those who may be going without.

The 23,000 strong mailing list for Halal Gems is built up from ticket buyers which has primed our audience in it being a transactional audience willing to spend money.

The Motive

Brought to you by Halal Gems x Amaliah

Our weekly lifestyle series where we recommend where to go, place to see and things to do.