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With a reach to an audience of 3.2 million across our editorial channels, Amaliah is dedicated to representing Muslims honestly. In the 2011 UK census, 9.1% of under 5s were Muslim, at current Muslims make up 3.2 million here in the UK and 1.8 billion globally.

The Amaliah audience represents one of the ways the face of who holds influence is rapidly changing.

Minorities, or otherwise known as the global majority, are unapologetically refusing to acknowledge and engage with brands and institutions who do not authentically represent the diversity of society today. The future of businesses, brands and institutions lies in being able to authentically speak to audiences like ours.

Amaliah x LUSH film festival

Inclusion is not a checklist, it is a feeling. We center the voices, needs and experiences of Muslims to create editorial moments and experiences that help Muslims live their best lives. insights.Amaliah is a collective of creators and strategists helping brands, publishers and organisations understand and engage with the Muslim audiences to build meaningful moments and relationships with an audience with significant influence.

Our deep insights have helped world-renowned brands communicate effectively to an audience who require different rules of engagement. We have worked with leading brands including, eBay, M&S, Amazon, Spotify, Warehouse, WGSN, Pinterest, AMV and Stylist, influencing, creating and curating and experiential moments that offer value to Muslim audiences.

Amaliah planned and implemented a 3-week campaign to help Pinterest create relevant content for their Muslim audience seeing over half a million viewers.

Our sister brand Halal Gems (acquired Feb ‘19) is a testament to inclusion being a feeling rather a checklist. With 90,000 attendees coming together for 3 days of food and entertainment at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market.

The future of businesses, brands and institutions lies in being able to authentically speak to audiences like ours.

Work with us

Behind the $1 trillion halal food and beverage market or the $300 billion modest fashion market, there is nuance and context that give rise to meaningful moments and campaigns.

Our services are aimed at helping brands understand and engage with our audience. If you aren’t sure where to start or how this audience is relevant to you email

Insights and Strategy

Training, Insights & Strategy

We provide up to date, seasonally relevant and sector specific insights on the our audiences. We help you to understand how these are relevant to your work and how to use these insights to offer value to Muslim audiences.

Some examples are: What trends we are seeing across food, Muslim representation in advertising; beyond the hijabi aesthetic, how does Islam guide consumer behaviour

Market Research & Focus Groups

We pair data, research and focus groups to research the latest trends, behaviours and insights across industries from Fashion and Beauty to Finance.

Our research also looks to help you understand how your brand can be positioned better. Perhaps you have an existing product or campaign that needs feedback from one of our focus groups?

Digital Strategy

We help you to understand how to communicate to Muslim audiences, beyond Ramadan and Eid, while maintaining your own company values.

Have you got a content strategy for Eid or Ramadan? We can help.


Event Collaboration and Speaking Engagements

Amaliah’s co-founders regularly appear on panels and present keynotes at events. We have also delivered talks at closed, private events for agencies and brands, including Stylist, Marks & Spencers and Amazon.

Amaliah is also keen to develop events with your brand. We can offer sponsorship support, speaker curation, ticket sales and event management.

Campaign Creation

We help companies extend their mission to a new audience through meaningful and industry specific campaigns campaigns.

Branded Content

Amaliah embrace a native approach to advertising and offer the opportunity for sponsored content — either posts which are brought to our audience by your brand or articles written specifically to support your brand campaign or product.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Amaliah offers takeovers on AMALIAH.COM. This opportunity gives your brand all advertising units, all video pre-roll and post-roll on non-video sponsorship video content. We have seven core themes; fashion, beauty, lifestyle, identity, world, relationships and soul.

These are each dedicated sections on the website, and our social postings are intended to bring audiences directly to the sections. Section sponsorship offers ownership of all ad units in the section on a weekly basis.

Instagram and Pinterest Takeovers

Amaliah has developed a close working relationship with these three social channels. Amaliah can offer your brand sponsorship of these takeovers with varying campaign types and lengths.

We understand the audience on each platform and the interactions that work.

Our Work

We’ve worked with industry leaders to develop campaigns, deliver training and consultancy projects to help our clients understand Muslim audiences and represent them better.

Who We've Worked With

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We worked on a three week campaign to curate a selection of boards for the Pinterest explore page to celebrate Ramadan and Eid.

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Amaliah delivered an insight talk to help 800 of the eBay global exec team to help them understand how eBay could be inclusive of Muslims.

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Amaliah work with Shortlist Media to provide consumer insights and industry trends in the form of training and white papers.

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We consulted the Stylist Fashion team on how to include modest trends at Stylist Live.


The Amaliah Insights Journal is a series documenting observations and trends within Muslim culture. For a deeper dive — have a look at our White Papers.

White Papers

Our white papers bring together data, crowdsourced insights and real-world examples to understand trends across food, fashion and culture

With 1.8 billion Muslims on the planet we cannot expect all Muslims to have the same lifestyles and experiences.

Our white papers bring together data, crowdsourced insights and real-world examples to help you understand the segments within our communities from the latest trends in consumer behavior to helping you understand how to engage.

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