Case Study

Amaliah helps our audience get good with money, with Lloyds Bank by your side.

Lloyds Bank wanted to go further by partnering with a publisher that speaks to a diverse audience to bring the By Your Side message further. The key audiences were those preparing to get married and those preparing to have children.

Together we were able to produce a suite of culturally-relevant content that was backed by the authentic voice of Amaliah and its community alongside the authoritative expert voice of Lloyds Bank.

Actual Total Campaign Reach


Projected Total Campaign Reach




Highly engaged editorial pieces with an average dwell time of 4 minutes with highs of 6 minutes

695 click throughs to Lloyds Bank Website from editorial


9000+ engagements across social

114 comments across native organic IG feed Instagram posts

1200+ saves of content on Instagram

200+ respondents to our call out

20,000 views on IG Poll

163,786 organic impressions on Twitter